With a little bit of help and determination, anything is possible.

I was born with PFFD, which caused me to lose my legs at an early age.  I never let that slow me down and with the help of good friends, I’ve always been into the outdoors and hunting.  I had never been turkey hunting until my friends Vance and Bradley invited me to go on a two-day guided hunt with them in Michigan.  I had never been to Michigan and I’m always down for an adventure, so as soon as we could pack our bags, we were on the road packed like sardines in the F250 headed 16 hours one way to the Great Lakes. When we arrived, we met Billy with "DemBoyz" Guide Service and the hunt was on! They got us situated and at 4:30 am as we were putting on our North Mountain Gear Ghillie suits, getting ready to find these birds! 

On day one, I was with my guide Easton and before the sun could come up I heard my first gobble. The Ghillie suit was overkill since we were hunting from a blind, but we had a blast and deer walked right up to the blind without even blowing at us.  I got to watch the sunrise and 15 deer eating and playing in the corn field all while hearing this gobble get closer.  Around 8:00 am we had the most beautiful gobbler that I had ever seen standing on a hill about 40 yards away.  I had a .410 at the time and didn’t know it was decked out with a great choke and loaded with Apex Ninja .410 ammo, so I didn’t take the shot.  We spent the rest of that day and the next trying to get another bird that close.

On the third day, both buddies had tagged out and I was willing to face defeat, but they didn’t let me.  #DemBoyz got the whole team together, a 4wheeler, a 12-gauge loaded with Apex TSS shots, and even a Hummer!  We posted two blinds in the woods side by side in a spot they knew turkeys had been coming. They did everything they could to get me and my Spartan Wheelchairiot (only the baddest wheelchairs in the USA) into the woods to finally take down this gobbler.  Now, since there were six of us in the woods and we weren’t really quiet getting there and I still had my doubts.  #DemBoyz knew what they were doing and in about an hour it was my time to shine. I had been praying the whole time, "Lord just let him get close... please just give me a shot.”  Suddenly, a line of studs came walking through the woods toward us.  My heart was pounding, but I couldn't even hear it over the heavy breathing of my buddies. The first one walks into the shooting lane... I hear, "shoot... shoot" but I let him walk. The second one walks up and I notice he has a thin little beard, and I hear, "You can shoot that one... shoot!" but, I didn't shoot. Lastly, this mac-daddy gobbler that I had been watching strut and run the show walks out and by this time I'm almost certain I heard six grown men yell "SHOOT!" I sat up in my chair, lifted my gun, and put the red dot right on him. With one quick pull of the trigger two blinds EXPLODED in the woods!  As soon as that shot hit the turkey, three guides busted out of the blind beside me and the two guys in my blind all jumped up hugging each other in excitement.  I flew through the woods in my chair, outrunning two or three of the other guys to retrieve my bird. I had blown most of his beard off, but he didn't suffer and he was a beautiful bird.  21 Lbs. and 1 5/8" spurs, longest hairs left on his split beard was 9" but we assume it was a little longer. 

When I went to the NWTF 2020 convention in Nashville, I told "Cuz" Strickland, T-Bone, and "The Hunting Public" that I was going to kill my first turkey this year “on video”.  And that mission was accomplished! None of this would have been possible without Apex Ammunition, good friends, #DemBoyz guide service, and an Awesome God!  Now I'm hooked and look forward to making tons more videos for everyone to see just how good God is and to see that with a little bit of help and determination anything is possible.

-Nathan Sanders