Hunt Quest- With Scott Ellis-Season 1

Hunt Quest is a new show by Apex Pro Staff Manager, Scott Ellis. Scott is a renowned Champion turkey caller and has helped thousands across the nation with his instructional videos on YouTube, his DVDs Mouth Call Magic 1 and 2. As well his new App Turkey Tech. His new show breaths life into the story telling aspect of hunting. Follow Scott along with friends and family across the US hunting all types of game animals. Enjoy!


Season 1: Episode: First Timers

Scott teams up with Jorge Corzo and Olivia Chancey in Central Florida, to try and get their first gobblers.


Season 1: Episode 2: Father/Son Grand Slam

Scott and Jake trying to complete single season Grand Slams in the great state of Oregon. Join the quest!

Season 1: Episode 3: Southern Tradition

This week were doing a little southern quail hunting in central Georgia.

Season 1 Episode 4: Blue Grass Gobblers

Scott and Jake join up with friends, Shon Wright and Brian Hinton to get after some Kentucky long beards. Join the Quest!



Season 1- Episode 5: Snows and Bows

Scott heads to western New York on snow filled muzzleloader hunt. He finishes up on a western Kentucky bow hunt in early November.



HUNT QUEST with Scott Ellis S1-E6 Palmetto State Strutters

Scott heads to South Carolina to meet up with longtime friend Kevin Kirkpatrick. There they get after the gobblers in central and northeast part of the state. Dont miss this gobbling fest! 

Hunt Quest with Scott Ellis S1-E7 HOG WILD

Join Scott, Jake and Shane Martinez as they get after some big ol Central Florida hogs!

Hunt Quest with Scott Ellis S1-E8 Black Wings and White Tips

Join Scott and Jake Ellis on an Osceola hunt as Jake puts his skills to the test on an Ol Black Wing. Then Join Scott on a NW Nebraska Merriam hunt.


HUNT QUEST with Scott Ellis S1-E9 Orange Blossom Osceolas

Scott teams up with Chris Nava in Hardee County Florida for an awesome Osceola Hunt.