Z-12: 12 ga 3" 1 oz 1550 FPS (10 rounds)

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Not sure what line of our ammo to go with!? The Z-Series fits them all! The 1 oz super fast round of 100% TSS is made for Upland birds, Waterfowl and Turkeys alike. There's no steel blended in here and we dropped the payload if you're a hunter who like high velocity, knock down power and range.  These are the sports car of our Waterfowl line and every hunter who puts these on a target knows the difference as soon as they make contact with their target.  


This round is special in that it's one our fast rounds and due to the nature of high density shot, the smaller sizes allow the velocities to maintain at greater distances while keeping knock down power. The shot sizes on each option refers directly to the TSS Shot size. Remember: a number a #9 TSS has the same kinetic energy as a #4 Lead shot at 40 yards.